• Posted on: 11 November 2016

Kyle Walker is self-assured that England are fully prepared with an alternative plan in case one fails after their Euro 2016 terrible performance which should help them well in World Cup qualification.

The England national side strived hard under the former coach, Roy Hodgson during the Euro in France with alone win in their three group-stage matches. Their time in the knockout stages was short-lived as Iceland knocked them out in a 2-1 tough clash in Allianz Riviera, Nice, France. Upon having been paraded as huge favorites to triumph against Iceland, the Three Lions ended up in an embarrassing 2-1 defeat in Nice.

Whilst that loss may have caused fans to think twice about backing England to win - maybe get the paddy power promo code for a free bet rather than putting their own money on it - the England side on today are in a much better place because of it, with the weight of expectation lifted.

While getting ready for their second Group F World Cup qualifier match with Malta, Walker knows that things have changed within the England camp compared to earlier, and the team now have more alternatives to help win matches dominantly.

"I thought probably in the summer we didn't have a different plan," he said to a media conference. "It was, 'we are going to play this way' and if it didn't work, we didn't really know what again to do.But I feel for the Malta game on Saturday 8th, we have got different dimensions now, we have spoken about it in depth that if something is not working we need to go to this plan so hopefully we as players on the pitch need to take control of that.”

He further explained that if the players don't find it working, they will have to exercise enough smart patience.

"We have to be patient, it's not about rushing it because as soon you rush it, you start making mistakes and then there's more pressure on you," he added.
"If we just keep calm, stick to what we believe in and trust the players around us then I'm sure we'll be fine."