• Posted on: 6 January 2014

With the 2014 World Cup being 6 months away, Roy Hodgson as well as many other coaches have a tough task ahead of them. These next few months will be the most important for the head coach of England as he has to analyze and determine who to pick for his 23 man World Cup squad which has to be ready by June 2nd.

Roy Hodgson has managed some high profile clubs such as Inter Milan and Liverpool but none of them come close on having to be the main men behind a country, a nation as his decisions will be the decisive factor on who makes it into the team.

England has scheduled a friendly match which will be played on the 13th of May and this will be a perfect chance for Hodgson to dish out a provisional team prior to the World Cup itself.

"One of things that interest me more is trying to get more contact with the players, The game in March gives us only a couple of days. There are matches on the Sunday and we play on the Wednesday, so it doesn't exactly give us a lot of time then.

"One of our challenges is to try to make sure we liaise with the clubs, get around to the clubs and get a chance to meet the coaches, meet the players, just get an update and a chance to refresh the players' memories about what we look like and how we sound."

"I am very excited," Hodgson said. "It is the biggest tournament, really. It is every four years, an incredible world event, and this year, with it being in Brazil, with all that Brazil represents in football terms, it adds spice to the occasion. There is no question about that’’ Hodgson said.

England was pitted in a group along with Costa Rica, Italy and Uruguay in what many are considering it to be one of the toughest groups of the World Cup.