• Posted on: 7 May 2021

Manchester United travel to the Tottenham Hotspur stadium on Sunday to play their next Premier game against José Mourinho's men and even though the game has not been taken to the pitch yet, it has already started off it. Ahead of the much-anticipated clash between the two sides, both managers were having their press conferences and Mourinho disagreed with a comment the United manager made at his own conference.

In his press conference, Solksjær was quizzed about his progress with the United team and he had a couple of things to say. In response to the question, the Red Devils' manager said trophies do not prove progress that much, insisting that the team progress can be measured by how much togetherness is in the squad, and how improved the performances on the pitch are.

Manchester United have not won a single trophy since Solskjær was appointed manager of the team and have lost as many as three semi-final games, further prolonging their wait to get their hands on a major title under the Norwegian manager.

When asked about what Solksjær said, Mourinho responded and insisted that he disagrees with what his colleague said and that trophies are an important part of the game. The Portuguese manager said even former United manager Sir Alex Ferguson would disagree with Solksjær because he was a successful manager during his time and also because he is widely recognized as one of the most successful managers in the game because of the number of trophies he won as manager of the Red Devils.

United and Spurs meet on Sunday in a reverse fixture after Mourinho's men inflicted a heavy 6-1 defeat on the Red Devils at Old Trafford earlier in the season. However, a lot has changed since that time and United are looking like the better side going into the match.