Liverpool critcized Roy Hodgson for incorrect choosing of Players

  • Posted on: 16 January 2015

Some months ago, Liverpool’s Brendan Rodgers critiqued Roy Hodgson for his decision to utilize Raheem Sterling and Daniel Sturridge in certain matches of England even though they were facing physical problems and now Sam Allardyce of West Ham United is the latest coach to question some of the decisions that England’s Roy Hodgson has been making with certain players.

The English national football team travelled to Celtic Park on November 18 as they faced off with Scotland in a friendly match which concluded in a 3-1 victory for England but not everything was perfect for Roy Hodgson and his team as Stewart Downing played for 45 minutes before being removed from the pitch as he made an underwhelming performance and the player from West Ham United shouldn’t have played at all according to Sam Allardyce.

"He shouldn't have played for England because he had been injected after getting a problem with his knee. England did the injection. I don't think he should have played. It didn't do him any favors as he wasn't 100 per cent fit.I don't think anyone should judge Stewie on what happened for 45 minutes against Scotland’’ The coach of West Ham United, Sam Allardyce said.

Sam Allardyce stated that Stewart Downing shouldn’t have played in that match at all after the player was given a painkilling injection in his knee.

The match only was a friendly encounter and it was quite obvious that Stewart Downing was having trouble finding his place in the game. Even though England won the match, Downing was one of the worst players in the pitch as he struggled during the 45 minutes which he lasted on the pitch before being replaced.