• Posted on: 10 May 2012

Blackpool manager Ian Holloway has said that he is extremely happy following the 1-0 victory over Birmingham city in the first leg of the play-off semi-final between the two clubs.

Even though the second leg is away from home, Ian Holloway has said that he is extremely confident of making it into the finals, and hopefully postpone everyone forgetting about the seasiders and getting their England Flags out!

The winner of the play-offs between Birmingham and Blackpool is likely to face West Ham in the final of the play-offs. West Ham managed a very convincing 2-0 win over Cardiff in the first leg. Further, their second leg match is at home, which has certainly made West Ham the favourites to win that semi-final.

Blackpool handed the first defeat for Birmingham in more than a month after a Tom Ince strike proved the vital separator between the two clubs in the first leg. Blackpool have already been promoted through the play-off position only a few seasons ago.

The 3-2 win over Cardiff back in 2010 promoted Blackpool to the Premier league, and Ian Holloway has said that he is confident of repeating the success this time around as well. Despite being relegated to the Championship, Ian Holloway has been able to maintain the same brand of football. However, keeping clean sheets has been a major problem, although the manager was extremely delighted with the clean sheet against Birmingham.

"I'm absolutely delighted with the way that we played under pressure. Everybody's under pressure in these games, and I wanted to try and play the brand of football that we do. It was going to be tough against a really good team and whatever happens it was only half time. Unfortunately we've only got one goal but our play merited more than that. But that's all you can ask, so we've got to go down there - it's half time, we've got a goal advantage," he told Sky Sports.