Hodgson happy with team performance

  • Posted on: 22 September 2014

England boss Roy Hodgson says that he is extremely happy with the performance of the team in the 2-0 win over Switzerland, but he believes that this performance has been long coming. Hodgson has been facing a barrage of criticism in recent months for his failure to get England past the group stages at the World Cup 2014. The former Liverpool and West Brom manager to the youthful squad to the World Cup, but many were left surprised at the way England fold without putting much of a challenge despite being in a tough group.
This resulted in several calls for Hodgson’s resignation. He refused to entertain such claims and said that he will continue until the 2016 European Championships. The qualification campaign for the tournament began recently and England started it in brilliant fashion with this win over Switzerland, who are thought as one of the toughest opponents for England in the group. Their next two matches are against San Marino and Estonia, which should be relatively easy for a team that has players like Wayne Rooney and Danny Welbeck in the ranks.
Hodgson says that every victory is important that this win was special to him since it appears to be a culmination of all the good things that he has done with the team in the last few months.
“I think every win is important and every game as England manager is unbelievably important. I think it is a very honoured and privileged position and every time I lead an England team out or an England player puts a shirt on, it doesn’t matter if you’re playing Switzerland away or San Marino at home, it’s a big occasion. I agree that this one had a special importance because we needed to play well and get a result against a team, strangely enough, ranked higher than us at the moment,” said Hodgson.