Gary Cahill states that England will become better as the tournament goes on

  • Posted on: 11 July 2016

England defender Gary Cahill believes that the England national side will become better as the tournament goes on.

The England side has been criticized for their lack of goals against Slovakia, but the defender thinks that the team will soon be scoring goals.

He has even warned England future opponents that they might be in for a beating as he believes that side will soon turn the amount of possession that they have into goals.

Indeed, England failed to make their possession count in the match against Slovakia and has been accused by some pundits of lacking creativity. Indeed, West Ham manager SlavenBilic has said that England has troubled to break down teams that defend in numbers, and this may be a weakness for a team that has the ambition of winning the tournament.

England may face teams such as Hungary, Iceland or Austria in the next round and these teams might use the same tactics as Slovakia.

Gary Cahill believes that England should not fear anyone and that they should take confidence in the way they are playing. He said that the team should be please in the way they are controlling possession and dominate the games. However, he admitted that they were quite disappointed with the fact that they are not scoring enough goals.

He said that the team is frustrated for not having won the game, but they will have to take courage and look forward to the next match. He stated that it is not a big deal if they have not won the group and that they will have to wait for the other groups ‘game to be over.

He believes that England can make use of the free days during the week in order to prepare their next Euros games and ensure that they are ready for the next match.