• Posted on: 8 December 2011

The English football Association has said that it is extremely confident that the England national team's base for the Euro 2012 will be ready. There have been a few rumours that the base for the Euro 2012 championships is in tatters. There have been a few pictures released of these locations, which has certainly not served to increased confidence. However, the English football Association remains confident that it will finally be ready when the team's go out to the massive tournament held in Ukraine and Poland.

England have been drawn in the group consisting of hosts Ukraine. The other members of the group include France and Sweden. Even though Ukraine are not performing as well as they should be given their stature, one can definitely say that England will be facing a tough competition from Ukraine as the hosts of the tournament. Sweden is also expected to be extremely tough, while the deciding factor looks to be France. France have disappointed a lot in the recent tournaments, but they are just too good to not perform in the Euro 2012 as well.

"It's quite offensive to have to pick the newspapers up for what is just a scaremongering story. At this stage in time there is a bit of work that needs to be done, as there often is when we choose our base camp. But come this June we are very confident that the facilities we have and particularly the pitch, which is most important, will be absolutely first class," FA spokesman Adrian Bevington told BBC.

England will be making a lot of travelling during the Euro 2012 given the nature of the fixtures. It has been estimated that England will be travelling for up to 4800 miles during the tournament. Manager Fabio Capello said that England will not be relocating their base.