Can Sam Allardyce transform England to an elite national side?

  • Posted on: 19 September 2016

The English national football team went from consistently reaching the quarter-finals of the FIFA World Cup and actually winning the worldwide competition on 1966 to struggling on making it past the round of 16 and their latest edition saw them failing to even progressing any further than the group stages.

Following the dismissal of Roy Hodgson as the coach of England, Allardyce took over as the manager but there isn’t a general consensus as to whether or not he will be able to actually pull it off and rescue England from their drought of titles and success.

The head coach of the Slovakian national side, Jan Kozak has already stated that he is certain about Sam Allardyce’s success in England and the captain of England, Wayne Rooney does also appear to be optimistic in regards to the recently appointed head coach of England as he said:

“If he gets the best out of our players, then he'll do well,' Rooney told reporters on Tuesday. The ability and talent is there. It's just a matter of us doing well in a tournament. We are a small margin away. He'll want to find out why we keep tripping up. The managers and players haven't found out why, but Sam will try to find out why it's happening. We've seen a lot of teams overachieve with him as manager. That's down to the way he's got them playing. Hopefully he can do the same with us.”

Wayne Rooney and Jan Kozak are fairly optimistic about Sam Allardyce’s managerial career with England but the supporters of the national side aren’t so certain about Allardyce’s ability to take charge of a national side as he has never been in control of a national team and this is his time to prove his worth.

Unfortunately for Sam Allardyce, his time to shine and coach a national side has arrived in a moment when the obstacles that he has to overcome as monumental as England are in a position where they need to come back to life and this is the task that Allardyce has to fulfill.